Mini Dice


The Game
Enjoy watching the dice roll in a cage and as it slowly comes to a rest, that will be the winning number.

Easy To Understand. Fun To Play.

  • The game of Mini Dice is played with you playing against the House by betting House chips. The betting limits are displayed at the gaming table.

  • Just place your bet in the betting layout at the gaming table before the dice cage is being turned.

  • The game begins when the Dealer rings the bell and announce "No More Bets".

  • The Dealer then turns the dice cage for a minimum of 3 rounds.

  • When the dice cage stops, the 3 dice will rest at the base of the cage. The winning combination shall be the numbers indicated by the 3 dice facing up.

  • All games shall be valid whether the dice is slanting or resting as normal, except for the case where one dice rests on top of another.

Enjoy The Game Every Time You Play!

Bet Position Payout
Single Dice Bet 1 to 1
Double Dice Bet 2 to 1
Triple Dice Bet 10 to 1
Field Bets
(Total point count for all 3 dice)
1 to 1