WorldCard Rooms Fair

Property Genting Points
First World Hotel Low Shoulder Click below
to book
Tier 1 3 9
Tier 2 5 15
Resort Hotel Low Shoulder Click below
to book
Tier 1 8 20
Tier 2 12 26
Highlands Hotel Low Shoulder Click below
to book
Tier 1 10 23
Tier 2 15 30
Property WorldCard Points
First World Hotel (Standard) Low Shoulder Click below
to book
Tier 1 1,880 9,880
Tier 2 6,880 11,880

Note: GP = Genting Points, WP = WorldCard Points
Rates shown above is based on 1 room night stay

Terms and Conditions
  1. Open to all WorldCard Green & above members with sufficient Genting Points / WorldCard Points, Highlands Hotel booking is applicable for WorldCard Silver & above members only.
  2. Stay period is only applicable on low & shoulder season as per Genting Highlands Resort 2010 Seasonal Chart.
  3. All room reservations are based on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to room availability.
  4. The 18,000 free rooms are only applicable for room reservations made by WorldCard Green & above members and is subject to purchase of a room under the WorldCard Rooms Fair promotion. The free night room type is based on either the equivalent hotel property of the room purchased or at a lower rated hotel property. Limited to 3 free rooms per member, subject to the availability of the free room allotment.
  5. The free room is applicable for low season only.
  6. Once the room reservation has been confirmed, no amendment, cancellation or extension of validity period will be entertained.
  7. All room reservations made are subject to "No Show Charges" unless cancellation is made 72 hours prior to check-in date. There will be no refund of Genting Points/WorldCard Points paid on the rooms cancelled.
  8. Back-to-back booking is allowed (including free room) but not applicable on the same check-in date.
  9. Online booking and SMS booking are based on tier 2 rate onwards.
  10. Genting Malaysia Berhad (formerly known as Resorts World Bhd) reserves the rights to alter the terms and conditions or withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notice.